Label Sets

Porcelain Label Sets - £12.95 per set
These porcelain labels are perfect for tying around a simple jar to make it something extra special.

Fun and functional, give your kitchen jars a funky twist with these sets of quirky porcelain labels. Each label is made and stamped by hand they are uniquely individual.

All have a glossy finish and the lettering is in a deep blue. Approx 4cm finished with a waxed cotton cord.

Note : each label is handmade so there may be slight variations in size , colour and shape.

Flour set contains :- Strong, plain and self-raising flour.
Tea set contains :- Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Builders Tea.
Sugar set contains :- Caster sugar, granulated sugar and brown sugar.
Herbal Tea set contains :- Red Bush, peppermint and chamomile.
Exotic Tea set contains :- Jasmine, Assam and Chai.
Supa Foods set contains :- Ammaranth, Quinoa and oats.
Tea, Coffee, Sugar set contains:- Tea, coffee and sugar.

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